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Promotional Cards

Promo 1
At the start of the game, take a weapon from your collection and put it into play face-up for free.
+X to your combat die, where X is the number of face-up weapons you have.
Roll 3d6. For each 6, destroy one face-up dungeon card, and gain 1 Mana token and 1 Courage token.
Conqueror's Sword
Weapon, Unique
Once per combat, you may re-roll a combat die showing a 1. At the end of each round, if you lost at least one Courage token, you may place a Mana token on an adventurer.
Promo 2
Ashes to ashes...
Promo 4
+2 to combat rolls against dragons. If the adventurers lose their last Courage token, remove a Tenacity token from Phœnix and immediately gain 3 Courage tokens and 1 Mana token.
+2 to combat rolls for each Tenacity token on Phœnix.
Place 1 Tenacity token on Phœnix and 1 Mana on any adventurer.