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WEBCART1000 lets you make and play games that share the same save files across several websites. It's inspired by SHARECART10000, which did the same thing for non-web games.

Some Games Using It

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Your WEBCART1000 Data


How do I use it?

If you're making a web-based game, just download webcart1000.js and include it via a <script> tag in your own game. It's self-contained and sets up all its own listeners.

Once you're including it, you can access the save data with webcart1000.data.Whatever - MapY, Switch2, or any of the SHARECART1000 keys, with the same restrictions. (It may take a few seconds after the page is done loading to load the save data.)

To save and synchronize the data, use webcart10000.update(). You can also pass an object of changes, e.g. webcart1000.update({ MapX: 12, MapY: 13, Switch0: false }). Running update() will also scrub the data so if you put any non-standard keys or values in it, they'll be deleted.

If someone's playing two WEBCART1000 games at the same time, the save data is updated in real-time!

Is it safe? Is it private?


For Players

There's no cookies. There's no server-mediated messages. Everything WEBCART1000, aside from loading its own static JavaScript, stays on your computer. It's as safe and private as the game would be otherwise.

Loading the game leaves at most a default web server log entry - which you've already triggered just by reading this page. Since no data is collected, we don't even have to make a promise we won't share it with anyone - but if we do accidentally collect some, we won't, and we'll just delete it.

For Developers

The provided WEBCART1000 scripts take pains to scrub and normalize the data as much as possible. But this is the web, and people make mistakes. Take the kind of precautions you'd always take in talking to a remote server.

The webcart1000.js script can be moved to your own server and loaded from there. I recommend this - it'll be faster and stabler. The o_o.js script and HTML can't be moved unless you're going to make your own WEBCART1000 - which you can if you want, but it also kind of defeats the point.